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The best yachts, and how much are they worth?

Discussion in 'The Best Yachts in the World' started by Yacht-Bye, Jun 25, 2018.

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    1. Yacht-Bye

      Yacht-Bye Administrator

      The most expensive, the biggest, the fastest, and of course, the most luxurious. Such epithets are constantly pouring on the yacht Eclipse. And it belongs to the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. It was made to order in Germany at the shipyard Blohm & Voss in Hamburg.

      At the time, when it was just produced in 2010, it really topped the rating of the most expensive yachts in the world. Only one of its construction cost Abramovich more than 400 million dollars. Add to this the equipment with technical gadgets and luxury elements and the total amount is already through the roof for $1.2 billion.

      Abramovich and his first..... (yachts)
      It is noteworthy that Roman Abramovich already had several yachts. But their price is not comparable with the cost of Eclipse. The first 2 small yachts he bought from Boris Berezovsky in 1999. But the real passion Abramovich began in 2002 with the acquisition of a 50 metre yacht "Sussurro" for $49 million the crew of the ship numbered 10 people. It is noteworthy that the cost of maintenance of this yacht is about 4-5 million dollars a year.
      Sussurro-Abramovich's first" normal " yacht
      In the same year, Abramovich buys another yacht "Olympia" with a length of about 60 meters and a value of more than 50 million., more than 5 million was invested in the modernization and new design.
      Beauty " Olympia»

      The following year, the bar rose higher and Roman Abramovich purchased the yacht "Pelorus". Its value has already reached 130 million. About 50 million more were spent on modernization, as the yacht, like all the previous ones, was bought from the hands. The staff of the yacht numbered more than 40 people. Annual maintenance costs 15 million.
      Pelorus - $ 130 million
      For 2003, in addition to the "Pelorus", Abramovic takes on another boat — "LeGrand Blue" with a length of 108 meters and a cost of $ 111 million.
      LeGrand Blue-second purchase for 2003
      It is noteworthy that the yachts "Pelorus" and "LeGrand Blue" took 8th and 9th places respectively in the list of the largest yachts in the world.
      "Ecstasea" is the first yacht of Abramovich made to order for him. Made in the Netherlands in 2004 and cost the Russian billionaire $ 123 million. 86-meter beauty is able to reach speeds of over 40 knots and is considered the largest megayacht "Royal class".
      Ecstasea is the first yacht to order

      Eclipse "eclipsed" all
      As you know-it was"flowers". His new yacht "Eclipse" (in translation — Eclipse) — the most favorite. This is the largest mega-yacht in the world.
      Eclipse is the largest yacht in the world
      Main technical characteristics:

      - Length-162 meters.
      - Width-22 meters.
      - Number of decks-9.
      - Displacement – 13,000 tons.
      So you understand how huge it is, imagine a football field. The boat fits in the square 1.5 field!
      I would very much like to buy such a yacht)

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